The You Khan Uke Group

Khancoban’s First and Only Ukulele Group


The Khancoban Ukulele Group called the You Khan Uke Group began on the 5th February 2018. It was the idea of two local people, Christine Christesen and Sandra Bowdren, to start up a ukulele music group for adults one night per week.

The pub was the perfect place for people to meet up, have a drink, a laugh and a play along. The chosen night was Tuesday nights and at the first meeting there were over a dozen people who attended.

The group has met regularly since then. Anyone is welcome and the group often has people dropping in on their holiday visit to the picturesque snowy mountains area.

The group shares a bond with the local town of Corryong. The Corryong and Khancoban groups have had music sessions together, often sharing a meal at the Khancoban Alpine Inn or the Bottom Pub in Corryong.

However, due to the Covid restrictions at the moment the group is not meeting for music sessions.

Where: Khancoban Alpine Inn

When: Every Tuesday Night

Cost: Gold Coin Donation

Time: 5:30pm 

What: A Whole Lot Of Fun

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